Gas safety certificates frequently asked questions


Q. What is checked in a gas safety inspection ?

A.  All gas appliances and the gas installation in the property incuding the gas meter and pipework.

Q. Do you check for gas leaks ?

A. Yes one of the first things we do is check to see if there are any gas escapes on the installation before we will carry out the full inspection. We will test the meter and all insallation pipework by carrying out a soundness test on the inatallation before we test the appliances.

Q. How do you check that my boiler is safe ?

A. We will carry out a visual inspection first , check the case , seals and flue , make sure the boiler is fitted correctly and to current standards and regulations , then once we are happy to proceed we will switch on and test the boiler , check pressures and take a reading of the flue gas emmissions with our fully calbrated flue gas analysers .

Q. Do you check the gas cooker or hob ?

A. Yes  we will  check all gas appliances including  the cooker or hob , we will check the pipework  , stability , seals , the flame failure devices , flame picture , ventilation and correct distances from worktops and extractors.

Q. Do you check  gas fires ?

A. Yes we will check your gas fire , chimney and flue including the correct terminal , chimney for blockages , the correct working pressure , spillage of fumes and a full smoke test on the chimneys to make sure there are no leakages into rooms upstairs.

Q. When will I get  my gas safety certificate  ?

A. Our engineers will write out  your gas safety certificate on the day and give it to you once the inspection has been completed and payment has been made.

Q. What happens if my property fails the gas inspection ?

A. There is no pass or fail of the property , the inspection is a record of the safety of the appliances and gas installation , all defects are noted on the certificate and depending on how dangerous they are you will either just be made aware of the situation or in more severe cases where there is a danger to life , the engineer will ask the gas users permission to isolate the danger.

Most installations are up to current standards and safe to use especially if gas safety inspections have been carried out annually.

Q.Do I need to have a carbon monoxide alarm fitted for the gas safety inspection?

A. No , carbon monoxide alarms are only obligatory by law if you have solid fuel appliances like wood burning stoves , it is not law to have one for gas appliances although it is good practice to have them fiited , if you do have them we will test them for you to make sure they work and are up to date.


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