Powerflush frequently asked questions

Q . How do i know if I need a powerflush ?

A. If your system takes a long while to heat up , your radiators are cold on the bottom or constantly filling with air , your boiler is making loud kettling sounds then it is possible that you need a powerflush.


Q. My insurance company will not repair my boiler until i have a powerflush , is this normal ?

A. Yes , we are doing more and more powerflushes these days for insurance purposes , they will not put new parts into a boiler or system which they consider dirty.

Q. Do you issue a British Standards Certificiate ?

A. Yes we issue you with BS7593 certificate and on it will have our full company details and Gas Safe registration number.

Q. How long will a powerflush take ?

A. We usually take between 5-7 hours to powerflush your system depending on how dirty it is.

Q. Do you have to be Gas Safe Registered to powerflush ?

A. Alot of companies will tell you no but as you have to work on and around the gas boiler then yes you do have to be Gas Safe registered.

Q. Can a powerflush cause leaks ?

A. A powerflush will not cause leaks but on an old system it may remove scale or sludge which was blocking an old leak , it is much better that the failure is exposed while we are there than when the house is empty while you are on holiday as it would have leaked eventually anyway.

Q. Do you have insurance ?

A. Yes we have £5m public liability insurance.

Q. What chemicals and machinery do you use ?

A. Depending on the situation we use Sentinel X800 and X100 inhibitor or Kamco chemicals , we use Norstrom Pro flush powerflush machines and magnaclean double magnets with rad hammers to agitate the sludge in your radiators.

Q. Can microbore systems be powerflsuhed ?

A. Yes they can but takes longer and requires our specialist knowledge of heating systems.

Q. Do you offer any sort of guarantee ?

A. Yes every powerflush we carry out comes with a no return of sludge guarantee of two years , this can be extended if you have a Magnaclean filter supplied and fitted by us from £100.00 plus vat

All guarantees are subject to inhibitor being added annually.

Q. How do I book a powerflush ?

A. Call now and speak to a professional Gas Safe Registered heating engineer.




Call freephone 0800 0093493

or Mobile 07545 342227


Call freephone 0800 0093493


Or mobile

07545 342227


Gas Safe Registered 307165





Vat registration



Company registration



Full £5m Public Liabilty Insurance




Monday to Friday 8am-6pm

£65.00 plus vat per hour.


Monday to Friday 6pm-8am £85.00 plus vat per hour.


Saturday 8am to 12pm

£65.00 plus vat per hour.


Saturday 12pm to 12am 

£110.00 plus vat per hour.


Sunday and Bank holidays

£110.00 plus vat per hour.


Prices are labour only 

Parts will be charged extra if needed


Gas Safe Registered 307165

 0800 0093493


or Mobile

07545 342227

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